About Me

Who is Phai?

My name is Phailin but everyone calls me Phai (pronounced Pie, as in apple pie!). I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand but I have been living in beautiful Cheltenham since 1993. After working for many years in a senior management role I decided to pursue my dream of making people happy through my love of food. 

What is Phai's Kitchen?

Phai's Kitchen is an independent home-run, bespoke catering business, specialising in Thai food fusion (combining Thai flavours with 'Western' sensibilities). I also provide private chef and cookery services to teach you how easy it is to cook Thai food. 

Why choose Phai's Kitchen?

Phai's Kitchen brings together the new and the familiar in exciting and vibrant ways. From providing party canapé creations to private catering, this is Thai food but not as you know it!